What is the McGill Method?
The McGill Method is an active treatment method that seeks to optimize human movement and mechanics of the spine to heal from back pain and injury. This approach is based on the published research of Dr. Stuart McGill, world renowned professor of spine biomechanics, and it takes into account that every case of back pain is unique with specific pain triggers. It has been shown to be an effective method in substantially reducing pain in some, and completely eliminating pain in others.
How do I know that I would benefit from the McGill Method?
If your pain fluctuates from day to day, or within the same day, that is a good sign that you will have success with the McGill Method.
What should I expect for my first visit?
A typical appointment starts with a detailed history to understand all of your environmental triggers and reasons you have failed prior therapies. This takes 45-60 minutes usually. Then, the assessment begins, and we will try to bring out the pain using different mechanical tests. After we create the pain, we will uncover mechanical strategies that remove or reduce the pain. This also takes approximately 60 minutes. Lastly, we will spend another 60 minutes on the movement patterns you will need to recover from your pain, and any exercises you will need to do at home.
Would Virtual Surgery work for me?
If you have been considering surgery, you should try virtual surgery first. In an experimental clinic, 95% of patients were able to avoid surgery with the use of virtual surgery. This consists of following a rehab plan for 6 weeks as if you just had back surgery. We will show you the steps and tools necessary to do this successfully.
When do I need actual surgery?
For a small percentage of patients with progressive weakness, incontinence, spinal infections, fractures, or tumors, we would recommend an evaluation with a spine surgeon. Any back pain that has persisted for more than 6 weeks warrants a visit with your family doctor to rule out any “red flag” conditions that are potentially dangerous such as spinal infection, tumor, fracture, etc.
Do you accept insurance?
You may use an HSA or FSA card, however, we are unable to accept insurance at this time.
Do I need multiple visits to get better?
No. The goal for your first visit is to have a good understanding of your pain triggers and of the movement patterns necessary to remove your pain. Some people will see results quickly while others will see progress over the course of weeks to months.
Is the McGill Method the same as the McGill Big 3?
No, they are only part of the rehabilitation process. The first step is removing pain triggers. Professor McGill found in his research that these exercises are effective at increasing spinal stability at low spinal loads, which is medicine to the painful back.
Would a back brace help me?
Unlikely. Research shows that wearing a back brace does not help recover from back injuries or prevent future injuries. We will show you how to create a stabilizing muscular brace using a combination of your abdominal and back muscles. We refer to this as “Nature’s Back Belt.”

What our patients are saying:

I had a very successful assessment with Apollo Spine. I came to him with a history of back pain/flare ups stemming from years ago when I trained for Olympic Weightlifting and developed poor movement habits. Most recently I have been experiencing a back flare up stemming from rushing my deadlift set up. Following my assessment, Matt was able to give tons of takeaways so that I am able to protect my back for the long haul and prevent further injury.
Kat D. (Powerlifter)
I have had herniations in my back for years, but an injury caused one of my discs to rupture. The pain was extreme, and I was worried the only remedy was surgery. After seeing Matt, I learned what was triggering my pain, and it was life changing. My pain has improved 90% and improving each day. I am a believer that there are alternatives to surgery if you give it the time that is needed to heal. Thanks again Matt.
John D. (Plumber)
I came to Matt seeking a solution to my pain and actually found one!
At 17 I was in an accident sustaining severe trauma to my back. Now at 37 I’m an active boxing instructor. Experiencing periodic flare ups that sideline me from my work, and reduce my quality of life. So the ability to move without pain is important to me.
I visited numerous doctors and found little help over the years. Until I found Matt by way of Dr. Stuart McGill. Matt applies his curiosity for body mechanics to problem solving for his clients. After a few short sessions, Matt was able to accurately deduce my triggers, and clearly prescribe a movement-based plan of do’s and don’ts. And I’m happy to say I haven’t suffered a flare up since.
No surgery, no pricey scans. I highly recommend!
Harrison R. (MMA Fighter and Coach)
I suffered from chronic lower back pain and flare-ups for quite a while. A typical episode involved much pain and discomfort, but worst of all always resulted in my back seizing/locking up on me. This put me off my feet for days, forcing me to rest until I could resume my daily responsibilities. Matt helped me overcome this recurring vicious cycle. He spent the appropriate amount of time with me to understand my situation, identify my triggers, and provide me with the tools to a path of relief and healing. Thanks to his expertise and care, I have not had a flare-up in over a year.
Giovanna C. (Stay at home mother)